Lansdowne vineyard is family owned and run – it's our life and passion. We believe that everything we put into our backyard can be seen in the glass, and we aim to reflect our small estate with care and integrity. 

Lansdowne Vineyard is one of the slowest ripening sites in the Adelaide Hills. It sits at 350 meters in the Forreston Valley and has a Mediterranean climate with cold wet winters, warm dry summers and endless autumns. Our day-night temperature range is a result of early sunsets and cool air pooled in the valley at night – a combination key to creating flavour complexity by slowing down the ripening process. We’ve been tending to our vineyard since 2002 and are continuously working with new varieties and practices to understand more about our terroir.


Forreston Valley, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

350 metres

North-west to south

800mm annually

Black, self-mulching river silt, through to free-draining red-brown loams

Area under vine
46 acres

Vine training
Vertical shoot positioning

Vine density
Close planting of up to 4,000 vines per hectare

Yield management
10,000 buds per hectare, then bunch thinning

Whites, mid/late March
Reds, mid/late April

Brendan Cameron

Peter Leske